Friday, June 6, 2014

A New Start....

We are finally in our new home, officially called the 'Ignatius Roga' or, Ignatius' House (after the man who once lived here) we are finally unpacked and settling into life in Paraguay.  It has been a bumpy ride thus far.  From living with college students (who knew how much fun that ISN'T when you have three kids), to blowing a lot of cash because the only place we knew to shop was apparently THE most expensive supermarket in Paraguay, to getting lost and exhausted in Mercado 4, oozing walls (cement walls + humid days =, really, that's a real condition), and a hot water heater design that requires flipping a switch and only gives you one temperature of water and ONLY in the shower (I boil water in a kettle for the dishes) it hasn't been all sunshine and roses. 
However, there have been loads of silver linings in the clouds here in Paraguay. 
1) We now know what 'pray unceasingly' really means.
2) The stunning realization that I don't know everything, can't do everything and really must lean on God for those times when I fail, miserably.
3) There is nothing that can replace the love and support of family and friends.
4) We are so blessed to have the family and friends we have.
5) Life is a journey, a process, and we are constantly growing...there is no one who is so perfect that growth and improvement is impossible.
6) When life gives you Lemons...put it on EVERYTHING (seriously, rice, cake, pie, chicken sandwiches....lemons should be their own food group in Paraguay).
7) In a pinch, if you mix hot water and honey and tell your kids it's a treat....they are thrilled (note to self: try this with other combinations of hot water and random semi-sweet natural treats). there are also a million other little things that we have learned, but what can I say...we have to choose between writing about our life or living it....for now, I am going to go live a little. 

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