Wednesday, April 16, 2014

This is no game...

...but there are kind of games involved.  So, with our departure from the US looming on the horizon, I have been kicking into high gear with preparations.  Today, the task was to pack one of the big checked bags with items that we 'definitely' want to take.  In this instance, it was our board games.
I have kind of gotten a lot of flack about taking our games; but you have to understand, we use our games in homeschooling, for family game night, as boredom busters, etc.  Also, I remember trying to find a simple book in English while in Merida, Mx (a pretty touristy town with a lot of ex-pats from the US, UK, CA, etc.) and how difficult and expensive that was.  I can only imagine how difficult it may be to find games in English in Paraguay. 
So anyway, I decided today was the day we needed to pack up the games.  This wasn't as simple as it sounds.  Space is at a premium in our luggage, so superfluous boxes had to go.  That meant bagging up every bit and piece from every game we own (only about 20 +/-), pulling out all the game board, laying those flat in the luggage and then arranging a bunch of 3D baggies of junk on top and doing it all in the most space saving way possible. 
It took HOURS, and when all was said and done, the games are taking up almost the entire 62 inch piece of luggage.  To be honest, I am torn.  How badly do we need these games?  Do we need ALL of them?  Do we want them more than other things like loveys and blankets?  Ok, ok, we have already packed the blankets, but still, how important are the games?
Well, for right now, they are pretty important.  Games are a big part of our culture as a family.  My first Christmas as a single mom, I started stock piling games to play together as a family.  I may have had the only 7 and 4 year old who could play chess by themselves with out a helicopter parent telling them which pieces could move where.  We LOVE games.  So, unless something more pressing comes along, our largest piece of luggage will remain crammed with die, cards, tokens, and markers.  And we will anxious look forward to cracking open a board and christening our new apartment a home. 

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